Angie Carron, founder of OmTurtleYoga, Spa & Cafe, always lived a high risk, low self-care lifestyle. A strong, ambitious woman crumbled after many years of self-inflicted stress consequently leading to a multitude of physical and mental conditions. She went from a spirited young woman with big expectations to one who could no longer get out of bed. After many years of trying to be a supermom and superwife while racing up the corporate ladder she was branded with a diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Panic Disorder.


This trifecta meant she had repetitive, uncontrollable, irrational thoughts that fed into paralyzing panic attacks at all hours of the day. A tortured soul. Desperate, she secretly checked herself into multiple emergency rooms and visited multiple doctors hoping someone would figure out what was actually wrong with her, every time leaving with an unwanted anti-anxiety prescription and a stern talking to about stress. How could all this be from stress? She felt defeated, alone and ashamed. A strong person now a pile of rubble, socially stigmatized as a “crazy person.”


She succumbed to a rotating trial of pharmaceutical drugs which led to a medley of side effects and dark thoughts. After many months of researching "miracle cures" she decided not to surrender to pharmaceuticals but chose the holistic practices of yoga, meditation, massage therapy and superfoods. It was an uphill battle with many, many fall backs but with perseverance and patience she was able to regain her life. Wholly, fully, deeply. Better than she ever was before.


During the healing process, however, she learned there were so many others suffering in silence... just like her. Compassion led to training. Training led to opportunity. Opportunity fueled passion. Passion led to carrying a yard sign and a yoga mat in a local park. People came.


She saw in her students the same healing she endured during her own practice and by the grace of God and support of her family, in 2013, she opened up her first yoga studio. In 2014, she quit her corporate job and built another studio in the neighboring town of Ferguson during the time of unrest to help provide a place of unity and peace. Her message, "No matter who you are… you belong." 


In 2016, she built a wellness spa and began expanding upon her own line of all natural selfcare products. Finally, in April 2019, after 18 months of building, refurbishing and restoring, she opened OmTurtleCafe.


Covid has temporarily disabled parts of OmTurtle but she remains hopeful and innovative. She's rolling out her best selling products online and creating a virtual space so that the mission continues.


Angie is determined to provide a comprehensive healing environment by focusing on creating space that people can heal mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. She turned what seemed like the worst years of her life into the best ones simply by listening, learning and redirecting. She wants others to know that you can heal. You can overcome life's adversities. Even adversities like a worldwide pandemic. It takes perseverance, patience and a whole lot of unshakable faith but it's possible and she's living proof. She's only just begun.